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Climate Change: find out what is happening locally.
Education: explore a green ethos for educational needs
Energy: explore a green ethos in energy needs
Green New Deal: economics as if people matter
Health: read about the Green Party view on health needs.

Housing: learn more about a green view for housing need

Peak Oil: are you prepared for the decline of oil & gas?
Planning: explore a green ethos in planning & design

Poverty and debt: fight to end poverty in Sheffield

Post Offices: campaign to stop local closures
Sheffield Tracker: What's happening at Town Hall?
Transport: working towards cheaper & easier transport
Waste: issues & conflicts of Sheffield's waste problems.


Here at the Sheffield Green Party website, you'll find a mix of the latest news and issues that we're dealing with in Sheffield, and you'll also learn about the Councillors and Activists who work on your behalf behind the scenes. Feel free to browse through the archives, or, if you want to get involved, for example in an event, on a social, committee or another green issue, then please do contact us for more information.

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. Future generations wont thank us for nuclear legacy
The Green Party recognises an urgent need for job creation in the recession and the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre will provide skilled jobs for Rotherham ...

Push for strong Copenhagen deal at climate demo
.More than 20 members of Sheffield Green Party joined hundreds of other protestors from South Yorkshire in London on Saturday 5th December to take part in the Wave

Greens call for fair treatment of Asylum Seekers
The Green Party called for fairer and more humane treatment of asylum seekersin a rally held on28th November by SYMAAG.

Greens slam waste strategy
The Green Party has criticised the Council’s waste strategy in an amendment to a motion to full Council this week.

Listen to the people of Abbeydale Grange
The Green Party has called on the Lib Dems on Sheffield City council to keep its election promise to "listen to the community" and keep Abbeydale Grange School open.

Support the Portland Works campaign
.Portland Works is one of a very few remaining "Little Mesters" workshops in the City of Sheffield. Amazingly, in the 21st century, there is a traditional forge making Sheffield tools...
How to save lives, money, jobs and the planet.
What will you do to reduce the energy bill in your home as winter takes hold? Gas and electricity charges have risen over 60% in real terms since 2000.
Sheffielders against the threat of Pivatisation
.It was great to be part of the gathering of Residents Against Station Closures (RASC) before the station barriers planning application was thrown out..

Save our station!
.Jillian Creasy's speech to the lobby of the Planning Board. Democracy, fairness, being green

Sheffield residents oppose plans for station gates
.The Green Party is supporting calls from RASC to turn down an application by East Midlands Trains to install station gates which will block access through the station.

No parking must be enforced at bus stops
Geraldine O'Connor rightly points out that Green Party policy favours pedestrians and public transport users ("Why no interest in illegal parking?" 19th Nov)

Greens push to make Copenhagen count
A Green Party motion has been passed in Council to lobby Government to push for more significant action to get cuts in emissions in the international climate change conference.

Greens get committment to fairer Sheffield
.The Green Party has successfully pushed for the Council to reduce the gap between the lowest and highest paid, both within the Council itself and across the city

Nuclear Power-bad news for democracy
.The Government has announced plans for 10 new nuclear power stations. This is bad news for democracy and the environment.
The events page has just been updated- lots going on in November, December and January

Abbeydale Grange needs your help
.Abbeydale Grange School faces closure. The Cabinet makes the decision on 9th December. Join the protest march on Saturday 21st November!

Greens lead the way to a safer Sheffield
The Greens put a motion to full council last week in support of the "Twenty’ s Plenty for Sheffield" campaign, which proposes a city-wide 20mph speed limit

Call for free bus service to Hospital
Green Councillor Rob Murphy sent the following letter to Sir Andrew Cash, Chief Executive of Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Trust

Twenty's plenty for Sheffield
The Green Party will put in a motion to the next council meeting asking for a city-wide twenty mile per hour speed limit on residential roads.

Make fuel poverty a priority
.The report from the Department of Energy and Climate Change last week estimated that 4.6 million people are in fuel poverty, almost doubled from 2006.
Bring the Troops home
Campaigners from across the country, including from South Yorkshire, and serving soldiers joined the recent anti-war protest in London.
Greens welcome Cambridge Review
.The recent Cambridge Review of Primary Education funded by the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation should be warmly welcomed

Make Copenhagen Count say Greens
.Sheffield Green Party is asking the Council at the November Full Council Meeting to lobby Government over the Copenhagen Climate Change talks.

Overclaiming expenses should be criminal offence
.The requirement for Nick Clegg to repay £910 claimed for gardening costs reminds us that all the Westminster parties have been implicated in the expenses scandal.

Are you registered to vote for the next elections?
Now is the time to make sure you are registered to vote-see this article for details.

Children will suffer from school closure say Greens
The Green Party is calling on the Council to take on board the concerns of parents and pupils at Abbeydale Grange School and to consider alternatives to closing the school.

Privatisation blamed for station bridge row
Sheffield Green Party have blamed the privatisation of the rail network for the controversial proposal to prevent free access across the bridge at Sheffield Station.

Councillor Creasy comments on station cycle hub
What we really need is for Lord Adonis to intervene on the station barriers. He and his government have the powers to stop East Midlands Trains and they should be used now.

Act today to stop the barriers
East Midlands Trains has applied to Sheffield City Council for Listed Building Consent to install ticket barriers, which would prevent free access across the bridge.Please now object by:
Greens announce election candidates
Following a recent selection process, Sheffield Green Party announced today some of its candidates for the next General Election and the May 2010 Sheffield City Council elections.
Money needed to make pay fair should come from the salaries at the top of the scale.
The City Council's pay and grading process begs the question of how we value different kinds of work
The events page has just been updated- lots going on in October, November and December


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